Friday, 4 January 2013

2013 be kind to me

I'm not really one for making resolutions, I never keep to them and setting the usual 'go the gym' or 'budget my money more' doesn't really cut it for me. I guess I feel like if I set it in stone so to speak then everything becomes forced and an obligation which causes me to panic when I don't stick by it rigidly and I just end up feeling a bit poop! So, this year I have decided to make a list of things I'd love to achieve that doesn't involve me feeling bad about my late night snacking habit and focuses on doing more rather than restricting certain things! 2013 is set to be one of the most important years of my life, it marks the final year I will ever be in formal education, the year I graduate and embark on my journey into the real world without student loans to help me subsidize that new lipstick that I just have to have, begin looking for a place of my very own to call home, and figure out just really what is it that I want to do with my life, eek! Here it goes...

One: Dabble with new foods. I spent much of my teenage life even avoiding pasta sauce and since starting University have slowly but surely started branching out when it comes to what I eat so this year I want to push that even furthur and develop my skills in the kitchen...don't laugh, Dad.

Two: Set a healthier sleeping pattern. Okay, okay, so this resolution is on the slightly restrictive side but I have suffered with bouts of insomnia and my sleeping pattern is something that really bothers me when I find myself wide awake at 4am when I have a 9am lecture the next day...

Three: Enjoy my last months at University. I know the next few months are probably going to be the most stressful time of my life as of yet with dissertation and essay deadlines looming and my final exams which determine my future causing shortage of breath and a queasy stomach BUT I need to remember to have down time and that if worst comes to worst University is only a chapter of my life not the whole.

Four: Get interning. I really want to branch out into social media or PR. I ultimately wanted to become a journalist but I know the industry is tough to crack so I want to get as many internship notches under my belt to help the process.

Five: Travel. I turn 21 this year and hope to receive some funding towards my goal to go travelling this Summer. I would really love to explore Thailand and Europe more and create memories that aren't another rainy English Summer spent wishing I was somewhere else.

Six: Swim. This is not for typical losing weight or getting fit purposes, although they are great bonuses, but instead purely because I consider myself a bit of a water baby. I've always loved the water and used to swim at least twice a week when I was younger and I always feel so much more relaxed whilst in the pool. It always gives me time to think things through without distraction.

Seven: Don't full victim to blogging 'rules'. The first half of this year is going to be extremely hectic and stressful for me and sometimes I feel obligated to blog rather than doing it for my own pleasure. By no means do I want to become a blogger that posts every other month but I need to recognise it is okay not to blog more than once a week or even only a few times a month whilst I have more pressing things to be doing. I never want to view my blog as a chore and so hopefully you'll all bare with me whilst I blog a little less often for the next few months! Spending your lives online isn't living, get out there more. 2013 will see me spending less hours glued to my laptop.

Eight: (Another Blog Related Resolution) Grasp more opportunities thrown my way! This one is just as relevant for 'real life' outside the blogging world of course but I have stopped myself attending events and saying 'yes' to certain things out of fear of the unknown or of being that awkward girl. I need to learn to say yes more. I started attending quite a few events over winter and I felt stupid for ever sitting at home putting it off instead of actually going and meeting lot's of lovely new friends. Just by saying one little word you really can surprise yourself.

Nine: Get organised. I truly do believe a tidy environment can help create a clear mind. I get WAY too stressed out when my clutter levels reach maximum (which they do, a lot) and can't get into the right frame of mind to start an essay or do anything remotely productive for that whole day because I tend to work myself up. Just by throwing out loads of old CD's and junk I no longer needed the other day I felt ten times lighter and happier, I don't know, I just did. I am a hoarder and try to keep hold of any little thing that I have attached some memory to or think I might need or want in the future. No, Lauren, you really don't need your old school study diaries, when would you ever want to know what homework you was set in Year Nine? I've put up some new shelving units and by creating that little bit more space I have really felt better in getting stuck in and being more productive. Think planners, goal of the day post its and colour coding...

Ten: Read for me, not just for Uni. Being an English Lit student has somewhat dwindled my love of reading funnily enough. Because we rip texts to shreds (not literally) and have certain texts that we are set to read in allotted time slots the fun is well and truly taken out of it in most cases. I do love my course but I can't remember the last time I chose a book for myself to read and to read without jotting down key themes or quotes. I will set time for a mug of tea and a good book this year.

What do you want to do more of in 2013?

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  1. These are really good resolutions! Taking risks is one of my big resolutions this year :)

  2. That's a one list, all the best for all of us this year. Me is to finish my studies this year, :)


  3. Love most of what you wrote on your list and I agree with all of them!
    2013, be good to us! :)

    Happy new year, love!
    The Misty Mom

  4. Love these resolutions - especially grasping more opportunities. And as an English Lit graduate I definitely feel you on wanting to read more for yourself!

    I also agree that New Years resolutions shouldn't be restrictive - there's no point setting yourself up for a fail! I've blogged about mine here if you're interested :)

    Liberty xo

  5. This was so utterly lovely to read :) xo

  6. Really great resolutions, my birthday always ties in nicely with New Years so this year I'm trying the 22 before 23 list!

    Lots of Luck with your resolution!


  7. Great post!
    My blog is based loosely around resolutions, but I agree they just make you feel like poop. Last year I was dead set on stopping biting my nails & now its rolled round a whole year and I haven't stopped it actually made me feel like a bit of a fail :/
    I think I may take a leaf out of your book and set things I wish to do (like a bucket list) for this year instead :)

    Love your blog, new follower :)
    Kerys -ox
    Little Bo Blab


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