Wednesday, 5 December 2012

feeling festive: winter nails

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Models Own Blizzard and Southern Lights - £5 each or can purchase Wonderland Set for £20
If I'm honest I never paid much attention to my hands and so for a very long time my nails were left beyond the realms of neglected. But after years of trying to curb my nail biting habit, I have, finally, somewhat broken the habit and feel ready to pamper my nails. 
As winter is upon us I thought it only right to don a very festive themed winter nails post as since receiving my Models Own Wonderland set in the post for a mere £20 - absolute bargain! All polishes within the set embellish the arctic and all things wintery, with five very glittery shades to choose from. I opted for the chilly blue hues of Southern lights with silver flakes of Blizzard to accent. I have been overwhelmed with compliments and have found myself setting up my own little salon in my bedroom for family and friends. 

I think any one of the Wonderland Models Own polishes would be great little stocking filler or buy the full set as a gift for someone special!

What do you think? Show me you winter nails!

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  1. I have another of the wonderland polishes and it's so lovely! They're all great, so Christmassy and wintery and perfect! xxx

  2. aw i love these polishes, they're so prettyyy! i like how they go together nicely too, i did think my favourite was southern lights before i saw this post & now i've fallen in love with blizzard too!

    L x

  3. These polishes are gorgeous! I so wish I could get a hold of them xoxo


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