Friday, 28 December 2012

christmas presents

001.MAC Gift Sets - 002. Bath & Body Works Candles - 003. Topshop Socks - 004. Soap & Glory Goodies - 005. Sanctuary Spa Gift Set - 006. Queen of the House Notebook - 007. Angel Biscuits - 008. Scult your own perfect boyfriend - 009. Topshop purse - 010. Soap & Glory Make-up - 011.Pink Smarties - 012. Soap & Glory Moisturisers - 013. Heatable Slippers - 014. Lush Christmas Gift Box
I know these posts can be accused of being boastful but I love to read them myself being a bit of a nosy parker and I have been requested a few times to put one up myself so here we go...

I had quite a modest Christmas this year as me and my boyfriend both set ourselves a smaller budget opting to go to the theatre together in January instead of spending too much of gifts. However, saying that I have been really lucky to be treated to various niche and novelty gift sets and the cutest snuggle boots that I can heat in the microwave to keep my toes toasty, eep! I've was spoiled with Soap and Glory goodness this year and can't wait to lather up with their assortment of bathtime products that all smell so heavenly. I have a few gift vouchers that I'm saving up for a post first draft of dissertation shopping spree...
So excited to own some of MAC's lip glass glosses, I'm not a huge lipgloss fan but I've really loved the sultry nude shades that Jon's mum picked out for me - bring on Kim Kardashian lips.

Festive socks for the win. What was your favourite present you received?

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  1. Love what you got , those mac sets are laaaavly xx

  2. i love reading these posts too, you got lovely presents, i love the soap and glory products they're amazing!xo

  3. I love these posts too! I know some see it as bragging, and I kind of feel a bit guilty every year that I write up these posts but I'm so damn nosey and love reading what people got.
    You look like you got some great stuff! Those socks are too cute!!

  4. Hahaa scult your own boyfriend..genius. Some lovely bits here :) xx

  5. Haha, I know I definitely love to read what others got too. ;) Love the stuff you got and I hope the frosted cupcake candle smells amazing, I've seen it around so much. Definitely need to purchase it! :)


  6. great gifts you got there :)

    hope you're enjoying the last days of the year. :)



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