Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Things I do not need, but still want nonetheless.

Things I do not need, but still want nonetheless.


1. The Kindle is something I've often thought about purchasing, and okay I did just cheekily relent finally and one is on its way to me. My justification is that it is an investment as and English Literature Student and avid bookworm, yes that's made me feel better. Can anyone give me any book suggestions?

2. NARS Blushes are my all time favourites and Luster is described as a 'sheer golden apricot' blush which I think will suit my fairer skin tone in replacement of more pink toned pigments.

3. I've joined in on the Essie Nail Polish hype and treated myself to a gorgeous blue shade called 'Lapiz of Luxury' and now I can't help greedily eyeing up more pastel shades for this gorgeous summer weather we are having, que torrential rain..

4. Again the summer sun is making me realise how dismal my flats collection is and I spyed these whilst browsing on the H&M website!

Is there anything you have you eye on? Or have you made any cheeky purchases recently?

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