Tuesday, 15 May 2012

real techniques stippling and blush brush

Stippling Brush £11.99/Blush Brush £9.99 Available at Boots

I know, I know, you're probably sick to death of all the 'Real Techniques' Brush Reviews that are floating around the beauty blogosphere but I thought I'd just add my two pence. I wasn't wowed by them at first, even with all the surrounding hype, I've never really been one to choose celebrity endorsed brushes although the pretty metallic pink finish did catch my eye every time I perused my local Boots. However, Samantha Chapman is a professional make-up artist and face of Pixiwoo, I'm addicted to her beauty videos and so just couldn't resist trying her brushes for myself.

As a belated birthday treat Jon picked me these two brushes from the collection and the taklon bristles are so incredibly soft I've been stroking my face with my blush brush ever since I could call it my own. I know most people bought the stippling brush with foundation primarily in mind and I do find it does work better than my tiny little didgets at blending in my foundation but it does take a bit of work and I find that the Buffing Brush from the core collection (review coming soon!) is my brush of choice for foundation, seriously in love. I find the Stippling Brush does work better for cream blushes and gives a gorgeous finish to my skin.

The Blush Brush is extremely versatile and I've found myself using it for not only blusher but all over powder application and the tapered end makes it also a good choice for highlighting your cheekbones and more precise application, however, I rely on the specific contour brush (core collection) for my bronzer and highlight application. I seriously cannot get over how soft these brushes are and how easy they pick up the product so no more dabbing furiously at my blusher to try and pick up any colour!

I love the bright pink colour choice and although much thicker than the average brush I love how they're able to stand up straight on their own and so don't have to be muddled in and crowded together with all my other brushes. I've been really impressed with them and so cheekily snapped up the core collection only two days later!

Have you tried any of the Real Techniques range? I'm eyeing up the starter set for eye make-up application but restraining myself from splurging out anymore.

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  1. Great review! I can't decide if I need this blusher or not haha. I need a blush brush really badly right now.


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