Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Clinique Redness Solutions

When it comes to skin complaints redness is my main issue, not on the scale of having rosacea or anything, but my irish skin does fall victim to rosy face syndrome. I don't tend to wear blusher that picks up on the pink pigments in my skin opting for plum browns instead, however I think I've found a regimen from Clinique to help combat my clown cheeks.

Now, I've raved about Clinique Super Primers before here, but I am particularly fond of their primer specifically for correcting redness*. I love the yellow mousse formula that melts into my skin, and the yellow pigments really do help to counteract any rosyness I may be having and calming it down. I find this works best having used the Redness Solutions Day Relief Cream* beforehand. This is a really cooling moisturiser that is suitable for sensitive skin and those that suffer with mild rosacea. It helps to hydrate my skin and reduce any visible blood vessels hence muting any flushing to the skin. I love how this dries matte on the skin and although can feel quite heavy when first applied, it's oil free and doesn't leave any annoying film to the skin.  

Lastly the Redness Solutions Instant Relief Pressed Powder* (phew!) was something that I was really excited and intrigued about, however, I wasn't wowed. Again the yellow pigmentation to the powder does aid redness correction, but I found this very drying on my skin and not to last long at all. I think I'll be sticking to the former pair, which have helped my skin woes ten fold.

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  1. great post! I followed you, would love it if you followed back! x

  2. This is an interesting post. I have Irish roots and trouble with redness...especially in the mornings. I'm really interested in trying these products out now. I stopped using Clinique because I felt my skin got too used to their skincare (I did their toner, cleanser, moisturizer for ages)...but maybe this would be a great thing to try. Do you feel you achieve best results when using the moisturizer daily? Or can you mix and match on days (that's what I tend to do).


  3. This was really interesting to read, I have quite rosy cheeks - just as my mom and don't wear a blush, however, I have never used any specific products, because of that.
    This makes me curious... :)

    Renate from

  4. My main issue too! I really need to try this range! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  5. Great post. My mum gets really self-conscious about how red her skin goes and with Christmas coming up, the day relief cream seems to be the perfect present! Thanks for your help!
    Jo x

  6. I have been wanting to get into Clinique products for a while, and I might just try this one out. Was wondering if you thought the redness solutions would work on reducing red acne spots?

    Nice post & blog :)

    Christina ~

  7. Great post, I have the exact same problem with the rosy skin.
    I used to use Clinique products all the time, but I have kinda ignored their products recently, but this post has definitely made me want to go to a stand soon. :)

  8. my friend has some irish in her, she naturally has a rosy cheeks that are so pretty.

  9. I used to use that Clinique moisturiser and I loved it! (Once I got past the smell, a bit cucumbery if I remember correctly).

  10. Great info. I recently started using the superprimer. I think I'm going to try the redness solutions cream as well. My reason for commenting though is to tell you about a pressed powder I recently found. Neutrogena makes it. It comes in one color only. It has rice complex in it and works so well for keeping my skin oil free throughout the day. Check it out.


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