Saturday, 21 September 2013

Sponsored Video: Joop! Miss Wild Perfume

Joop! have launched a counterpart to Joop! Homme Wild with their new Joop! Miss Wild Perfume. A fresh floral fragrance with notes of vanilla, spicy bursts of pink pepper, and sexy base notes of rum this fragrance is not for the light hearted. The rum notes are perfect for an autumnal evening and the clash of   the milder floral notes and spicier undertones work well together without being too overpowering.  Matching its punky purple packaging this definitely is a fragrance with a kick. I particularly love the leather bow around the bottle neck, which gives it a rock chick edge alongside the skull features on both the bow and the bottle itself, sweetened up with hearts for eyes to reflect the sweeter side of this fragrance.

The perfume does have a unique scent but I do feel top ups are need ever four hours or so as it doesn't linger on my skin as much as other perfumes I have tried. The floral notes are mild and lose their scent to the strainer, spicier tones which smell amazing nonetheless.

'Because, sometimes bad feels so good...'

Ever wondered how 'wild' you really are? Take their video quiz here, and discover your inner wild child. Are you Sweet Wild, Sexy Wild, or Naughty Wild?  Turns out that I'm 'Sexy Wild' - get me!

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