Monday, 8 July 2013

Micellar Waters & Mists

Twelve months back and I would have laughed off a purchase of Micellar Cleansing Waters as a waste of money, glorified water if you will. Fast forward to today and I would tell you, you couldn't have been more wrong, Lauren.

I know lot's of people tend to think of Bioderma when talk of micellar water crops up, and I do love the stuff but I thought I would run you through some cheaper and more easily accessible options that I've been favouring. By no means do these substitute a good cleanser, my weapon of choice being a toss up of Una Brennan, REN, and EH candidates, but they do a great job of refreshing my skin and removing any left over grimy bits that I might have missed. I paint a lovely picture of my skin, eh?

Avène are a brand I can find no fault with, with offers on their products often found along the aisles of Boots, this is your safest bet for finding a micellar on the go. And it does a good job do. What I love about the Avène Micellar Lotion* is that it is great for us sensitive skin gals. It doesn't sting or irritate the eyes, make your skin blush a unsavoury shade of red, and I really do think it get's the best of my makeup off, either before or after cleansing with my Emma Hardie balm. For £12.50 it might not be the cheapest for 200ml, but it's lasted me a good six months, as I use this on and off with the Etat Pur Micellar Cleansing Water* (half the price of Avène) which again is PH neutral so thumbs up for sensitive skin. Seems the French really do know their skincare, and I'd happily purchase both again.

I always follow up with a good spritz of the Avène Thermal Spring Water* which is cheap as chips (pardon the cringy turn of phrase) at £3.15 for the travel size and around £6 for the 150ml which goes a long way, trust me. This really hydrates my skin and can be used to wake up the skin in the morning, preparing it for cleansing, adding a dewy glow to your makeup, and soothing skin irritations and sunburn. I absolutely love the stuff. 

Are you a fan of Micellar lotions & mists?
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  1. I really want to try the Avene Thermal Spring Water, I've heard great things about it!

    Chloe xo -

  2. It's great, definitely recommend you give it a go! x

  3. I love micellar water, I haven't tried the Avéne one yet though. My current favourite is the L'oreal one.

  4. Maxine Whitney8 July 2013 at 14:20

    Oh, I'm in two minds about Micellar waters. I've heard good things about them (who hasn't?!), but can they really be - as you said - anything but glorified water?

    Maxine, xx

  5. I purchased the small can of the Avene Thermal Water only last week, it must have been fate as I've used it a bit in this heat.

    Amy x
    A Little Boat Sailing

  6. I wish micellar waters would become a bigger hype in America. I'm missing out on all the goodness over here. I have tried Boots' Sensitive Skin Toner which I think is a bit similar though.

  7. I haven't tried many mists but I've been hearing great things about the Avene one!

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  8. French skincare is amazing :-)

    Micellaire Water (for those who are interested) is basically an oil molecule suspended in a water molecule. The reason for this is oil is one of the best facial cleansers and clarifyers but people hate using neat oil on their skin. Hence the French brands came up with popping the oil inside a water molecule to improve the experience. It's anything but glorified water as water alone doesn't remove all makeup. Micellaire water can remove most makeup but I'd use an oil based eye make up specific one for waterproof makeup.

    Bioderma's Sebium also contains zinc to help troublesome skin
    The pink one has cucumber in it to soothe.
    Caudalie's is organic and has grapes used within the process
    Melvita's contains Rose extract to soothe.

    I highly recommend you try it - you can go into Boots and get a La Roche Posay or Vichy one for half the price of Bioderma if you want to try and see how you feel.

    Everyone who has tried it has been a convert - dare you take the challenge!?

  9. I'm yet to try that one! x

  10. I really recommend you try one of these for yourself while they're on offer in Boots! x

  11. It's been a life saver in the sun! x

  12. I'm not too sure what they offer in the US but I ship Bioderma from France x

  13. It's AMAZING x

  14. Wow, thanks for sharing, interesting stuff! x

  15. Oh you do?! Can you link me to your selling page? I'd love to take a look. Thanks so much!


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