Friday, 12 October 2012

MAC Marilyn Monroe Deeply Adored Lipstick

MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Lipstick in Deeply Adored £15.50

This is the first of three posts I have of what I managed to get my eager little mitts on from the latest MAC Marilyn Monroe collection. As you're all probably very aware the collection sold out like hot cakes on the actual MAC website and silly me having forgot the release date was then one of those frantically scourging the internet to get my hold of my wishlist. Selfridges still has a few items from the collection, including this lipstick still in stock so get in there quick!

Deeply Adored caught my eye straight away, in tube form it appears a very vampy deep plum which is quite off putting to the more timid lipstick wearers, however, once applied you have a dark Scarlett with brown undertones running through it so only just verging on the plum side of things. The brown undertones make it more suitable for medium to darker skin tones but I actually really loved strutting out with my dark matte lip for a night out and think it's a flattering shade for nigh on everyone (as you can well see from the only photo of me wearing it I managed to find, obviously being taken by a club photographer, sorry liver). This lipstick added a touch of Old Hollywood Glamour that every girl loves to emulate every now and then thanks to its gorgeous icons such as Marilyn herself. 

In the picture above I had been wearing Deeply Adored for around four hours so it has real staying power which is a must for a night out especially as there's no need to keep dashing to the ladies room for touch ups! As it's a matte it can be a little drying on the lips especially if it has been built up but one swipe leaves an opaque finish and I added a little lip balm to aid any dry areas. 

I do deeply adore 'Deeply Adored', what do you think? Did you pick up anything from the Marilyn Monroe Collection?

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  1. Looks gorgeous! I so want to get my hands on this lipstick!!

  2. This really suits you, lovely colour x

  3. aw it looks so nice on you, reds just don't seem to look right on me, and always smudge about ):

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. This lipstick is amazing, love your blog!! you got a new fan!

  5. this is a gorgeous colour, i have seen it on a few blogs now, and i really want it! I cant believe in that picture you were wearing it for about 4 hours, that really is amazing! xo

  6. It looks absolutely gorgeous on you!


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