Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Fashion Contact Lenses - Eyesbright

Vivid Green Fashion Contact Lenses - Eyesbright £14.49*

You're probably wondering who is this strapping young man, that has taken to modelling fashion contact lenses for me, is? Say hello to my very lovely, and very patient, boyfriend, Jon. Originally I tried using the contacts myself but after countless attempts, even when Jon held my eyes wide open to help me put them in, my eyes continued to have a little panic attack and flutter like crazy. I do have a thing about eyes, my eyes especially, even someone else applying my mascara sends my heart racing but I was determined to try out the Eyesbright fashion contact lenses for myself so the effort continues behind closed doors as I'm desperate to wear them when I dress up as Poison Ivy for my friends 21st fancy dress party!

As not to keep the ever so patient, Kate, who contacted me on behalf of Eyesbright waiting Jon kindly stepped in to showcase just how eye-catching, geddit ;), their coloured contact lenses really are. On a daily basis many of us are constantly accessorising with different shades of lipsticks, with bracelets and necklaces but Eyesbright beg the question, why not your eyes too?
Personally, an individuals eyes are what I first notice on someone and I often wish my swampy green pair stood out more. I chose the vivid green pair as I thought they would bring out the auburn tones in my hair as well as stand out against my fairer skin and would also be something I could wear on a night out or a daily basis (up to four months). However, Eyesbright offer an array of not only standard eye colour based lenses but themed lenses such as UV, Anime, Halloween based and funky patterned pairs such as leopard and chequered. I would really recommend giving their site a visit especially with Halloween fast approaching! 

Jon assures me that once his eyes got used to having something foreign in them, not being a regular contact lenses wearer himself, that the lenses were not in the least bit irritable and he soon forgot they were even in. And despite my utter fail at trying them out he told me to tell you all that they were extremely simple to put in and that I'm just a special case. Thank you, Jon, I think!

What do you think of contact lenses as a fashion statement?

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  1. I'm impressed how natural these look, so can look so fake!

    I wonder though, I always wear contacts anyway as I'm blind as a bat, do they do prescription ones where i could wear a different colour eye but also see?

    i've never thought about it before but I'd quite like my eyes to be greener as they're a hazel swampy colour too, not sure I can tho?!

  2. I REALLY want to try coloured contacts! he looks ace! I get the same with my eyes sometimes though, if someone else does my make-up they streammmm x

  3. Customers are searching for their fashion lenses,Blue coloured contact lenses seem to be dominating.


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